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Book a 4x4 Land Cruiser for Camping Safaris in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

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4x4 Camping
Safaris in East Africa,

Rent a 4×4 car and choose East Africa Self-drive tours. Enjoy a private road trip with our hassle-free services for self-drive holidays. Get offer special rates if you choose to travel throughout East Africa for longer rental periods. Opt for a One-Way Rental in East Africa. Choose where to start your Road trip and where to end.

You can still choose to travel beyond East Africa to the South in countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe Mozambique, and South Africa on special requests. Choose a 4×4 Camping Land Cruiser with either a single tent or double tent to minimize the cost of your trip. All quotes with camping include full camping gear.

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Camping Safaris in East Africa

We give you all the flexibility to travel beyond Rwanda to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. When you chose to travel to East Africa, do it on a single rental from us in either Rwanda or Uganda and you don’t need to contact more car rental agencies in each country. We will avail you with your vehicle in all the countries, all you need to tell us is where you want to start from and where you end your trip. We have the one-way rental so inquire about it we have the fairest deals because we understand what a vacation means.

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