Overlanding Safaris Africa - 4x4 Self drive

Overlanding Safaris Africa! There is nothing like an overland trip exploring Africa. These trips in Africa give you the chance to travel the vast and varied terrain of a Continent that has so much to offer and to visit all the must-see highlights on tour. Overland Excursions and travelling on self-drive tours in individual or as a group with the backup of trained and experienced guides to ensure the day-to-day arrangements run smoothly and safely. Our 4×4 cars have large open windows to ensure the best game viewing, charge points for your camera, an electric car fridge to keep your food fresh, and storage for all the cooking and camping equipment you need including comfy sleeping bags.

4x4 self-drive and Overlanding Safaris Africa

64 Days Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa

Make a magical overlanding Africa trip on this amazing Self-driving safari from Uganda to Cape Town. Explore the remote regions, relish natural wonders and immerse yourself in colourful cultures as you enjoy the adventure while on a holiday in Africa. Start from the pearl of Africa in Uganda through the Rainforests of Bwindi. Take an epic journey through forests to encounter mountain gorillas up close in Uganda, and complete your adventure with the world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve. It’s two months packed with action and dreamy moments, truly the trip of your lifetime. Explore Tanzania’s great Serengeti composition of the open wilderness and the Ngorongoro crater. Discover Zanzibar and Stone Town’s flavours just before you get hooked Next is Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, as you witness the “smoke that thunders” and wet your feathers. Leave the dust to settle as you go in search of greener landscapes of the lush waterways of Botswana, teeming with elephants. Move onto South Luangwa National Park, with an abundance of wildlife game drives. Travel towards the mystic desert landscapes of Namibia, where you will uncover wildlife and historical rock art. Head to the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town complete with mighty Table Mountain, after visiting the mystic desert landscapes of Namibia where you will uncover wildlife and historical rock art.

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Rent a 4×4 jeep for your Overlanding safaris in Africa and cross-country tour with camping. Save more on your vacation trip with camping and rooftop tents. Opt for a one-way self-drive safari starting from East Africa to the southern African countries.

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