4x4 Car Rentals - Budget Hire and Self drive Safaris

4×4 Car Rentals for Self-drive Safaris. Rent a car for holidays in Rwanda, cross the border to Uganda, and drive in Kenya plus Tanzania on a one-way rental. We have budget rates for camping with rooftop tents. Choose East Africa Self-drive Holidays, cross-country tours, and one-way Rentals. Book a car and pick it up from the airport or hotel. Go for Overlanding Safaris in Africa with our budget-friendly rates on our reliable Cars for Holidays. Drive to Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and Southern Africa, picking up your 4×4 car from your desired location. It can be at the airport or from your hotel. We offer 4×4 cars for one-way rentals at relatively reasonable rates. We offer 4×4 Cars for Self-drive tours and holidays in East Africa. Opt for camping safaris with rooftop tents on our 4×4 Land Cruisers and save on your trip. Choose to have one or two double tents on the rooftop. We introduce the strategy of multi-place self-drive safaris.

Self-drive for East Africa Tours

Travelling through East Africa on your 4×4 wheel is probably the best way to explore this region. There are many benefits of going on a self-drive tour of East Africa compared to other forms of travel.  Self-guided tours are popular as many travellers have examined, documented, or trawled the online marketplace. There’s information about diverse African nations, where travellers have penned a list of spots, they want to find out which will help new visitors to increase their preferred listing. Experience the freedom of the self-drive safari, and discover probably the most attractive locations and fascinating wildlife in Africa. Book a Self-guided trip through our reservation team. We have last-minute specials that you can upgrade anytime.

Camping with a 4x4 Cruiser

Choose camping, the simple and best way to cut safari costs. This will give you a lot of privacy and draw you closer to the wilderness. With this 4x4 land Cruiser, camp at any site and pay $ 20 a day.

4x4 Land Cruiser V8 @ $95

This is the best off-road Land Cruiser with an automatic drive, full-time 4x4, and electric fridge. It accommodates 4 to 5 travelers on a self-drive basis. For an extended rental period, we offer 10% discounts on One-way rentals.

Tanzania Self drive Tours

Travel the southern part of Tanzania to the less visited places of Ruaha National Park, Mikumi, Nyerere and Katavi. Pick up your 4x4 from Dar es Salaam. Safaris are affordable with a 4x4 lifted on a rooftop tent.

Cross-border Road-trips

Please choose a new adventure on Cross-country tours with our One-Way Car Rentals. Go Camping on your East African Self-drive holiday with our Rooftop tent Jeeps and drive through East Africa and beyond. Take on a Cross-country Road trip with camping and rooftop tents; Camping is the best way to save on your trip in Africa. With the beloved Experience and freedom of a self-drive safari, you will discover the most attractive and fascinating wildlife locations during your Self-drive Safari. Contact our team for a fascinating African holiday experience on a self-guided tour.

Car Hire and Self-drive in East Africa

Rent a 4×4 Land Cruiser for Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda. We offer great deals on camping and one-way car hire around East Africa. Choose a hassle-free self-drive tour with us. This is an automatic 4x4, ideal for 4 persons.

Opt for camping safaris with rooftop tents on our 4×4 Land Cruisers and save on your trip. Choose to have one or two double tents on the rooftop. We introduce the strategy of multi-place self-drive safaris.

We are your Partners for Self-drive Tours

Choose One-way Car Rentals for your safari in East Africa and beyond with the best rates and reliable fleet. Our fleet includes full SUVs Land Cruisers Jeeps for Camping, Toyota RAV4 model 2002, 2010, and 2014, Compact sedan cars that will connect you from town to town, Minibuses with 25 seats, and comfortable super customs among others. Our quotations are unique because they include insurance (comprehensive), unlimited mileage, taxes airport, and hotel transfers. Choose your destination and we will drop it to you. We know it is so important regarding the price and quality of the service. We create a difference and have peace of mind with your rented car. That’s why we come up with the best deals on your car rental which is budget friendly so that you enjoy a hassle-free trip to any of our destinations. 4×4 Car Rentals has amazing choices of cars that will always suit that budget you have.

Self-drive Road Trips Africa

4×4 Car Rentals on self-drive and one-way rentals in Africa are of great interest. They draw you closer to the people, communities, and the wilderness. Overlanding trips in South and East Africa are great options coupled with One-way car Rentals. You can travel solo, a couple, or family. All these come with choices of what you would like to see on this trip. Plan your Self-driving holiday based on cross-country, which will involve how flights will be booked. Such vacations can create life-long memories, good or bad. So, you want to make sure that these vacations will provide the best experience possible. One type of vacation that you have probably to consider is an African Safari because if you craft carefully your plan, you will end up with an exciting trip. Go for Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park, Virunga Forest in DR Congo, and the Volcanoes of Rwanda, and take your family with kids for a primate watch such as the Golden Monkeys. These are safaris you can have in Rwanda to its famous safari destinations that include Volcanoes National Park and Akagera Wildlife National Park, then Uganda which hosts more mammal species in East Africa.

Choose to have one or two double tents on the rooftop.

    Africa Self-drive Safaris to the best destinations

    African Self-drive safaris for many travellers are always inquisitive. They involve driving through different localities which include wilderness spots. These self-guided tours come with everything in between, from whilst of experiences to luxury vacations. They’re suitable holidays for families, honeymoon safari holidays, budget-friendly trips, and thrilling safaris in notably famous destinations. Driving through East Africa to countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania is a trip of adventures. From the Southern parts of Africa to destinations of Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and Mozambique, all are safari exclusive to a traveller’s interest and experience and can suit the traveller’s needs and hence customizable.

    4x4 Land Cruiser – 4x4 Self-drive

    Rent for Self-drive Holidays. The 4x4 Land Cruiser's automatic transmission is one of the best off-road for vacations and East Africa and cross-border tours.

    4x4 Jeep for Camping in Uganda

    Go camping with this Land Cruiser in Rwanda and Uganda. Rent for a one-way self-drive tour. Pick up from any location around East Africa.

    4x4 Overlanding Africa Safaris

    Pick up from Kigali and drop off in Dar es Salaam or Lusaka. We provide discounts on long-term rentals. Design your itinerary with our team.

    What you should know

    With One Way Rentals, all our quotations include insurance which is comprehensive or full cover, free mileage, breakdown just in case, and border crossing fees if one has to. Our vehicles are always kept up with 100% service, and they’re roadworthy since they go off-road. We offer great discounts on travelers who ought to have longer rental periods. For rentals of more than three weeks, we do not charge one-way fees. Since we are East Africa-based, we always require clients to inform us which countries they wish to have their self-drive holidays.
    The Experience; Getting ready for African adventure holidays on a self-drive tour means you can plan your holiday time and how to travel. From the Kilimanjaro Mountains in Tanzania to Serengeti National Park, drive the Masai Mara of Kenya, and cross to the pearl of Africa in Uganda. White Water Rafting on River Nile, track the Gorillas of Mgahinga Forest and Bwindi Forest, and Chimpanzees in Kibale. Tour the land of thousands of hills, Rwanda. Besides the happy people in East Africa, nature will reward you with the great African wild herds. Watch the big cats in the African wilderness.

    Why One Way Rentals

    • Free airport transfers
    • Free mileage on every rental
    • 24/7 Service in case of assistance
    • Great Car rental Fleet and Travel Advice
    • Full cover insurance on every price quoted
    • Insightful Safari Driver guides in all destinations.
    • Car rental services across boundaries under one care
    • Completely Tailor Car rental and accommodation
    • We have a team with instant responses and confirmations
    Safaris in East Africa
    Get the best of your African Holiday trips on self-guided tours in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. We offer the best deals on Car hire. Go camping and also opt for a one-way rental.

    Frequently asked questions about Car Rental Services

    When do i make a booking

    Whenever you think of planning a vacation in East Africa, book your vehicle with us because it will attract a 10% discount off the normal rates. Clients who book at the last minute will have the vehicle but at the same rates as they’re on our website.

    How many drivers can we register?

    We don’t always limit how many people will drive with our self drive car rental services. We always want to know a single person who has to take care of the vehicle on behalf of the rest. Anyone with a valid drivers license can drive provided he or she registered with us.

    What are the charges for a one-way rentals?

    Our charges on one way rentals will depend on how far the distance will be from where you need us to drop the vehicle or pick it up from in terms of fuel threfore we have no extras from fuel costs.

    How do we cross the border with the vehicle?

    When you choose a cross country tour on self drive basis, we will provide you with the necessary travel documents which will allow you to present to custom borders so that you proceed.

    How do we get road assistance in East Africa

    We offer our services in East Africa, so we have a road network that will always assist you in case of break downs. In so you have to share with us a brief itinerary of how your road trip will be.

    Is is possible to drive out of East Africa on a one way?

    You can drive through East African Community with a single rented car from One Way Rental. Because we know you can have multiple visas for East Africa with Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda we avail you options of travelling through with great car rental deals.

    Car hire and Self drive Tours