Lodges and Campsites

We introduce the strategy of multi-place self-drive safaris in East Africa. Choose Camping with rooftop tents on 4×4 Land Cruisers and save on your trip, or book a Safari lodge. These lodges vary in rates and season of the year. Most lodges are located inside the national parks, however, some of them are outside or at the edge of the parks. If you are not so familiar with making your reservation, then you should tell us, and we do it for you or recommend the best budget and eco-friendly.

4x4 for camping Tanzania
4x4 camping Tanzania

Campsites in East Africa are common in wildlife National parks, but in designated places which are safer for wildlife camping. When you have a 4×4 car with a rooftop tent, in many campsites you pay a fee which is around 20 dollars or more. Some camps have restaurants if you do not opt to cook for yourself. Toilets and bathrooms are also available.