Zambia Car Rentals and Self drive Safaris

4×4 Zambia Car Hire for self-drive tours. Rent for road trip safaris in Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Choose your pick-up point and explore the wilderness of the Southern African part of Africa. Book a 4×4 for a camping Safari with rooftop tents. We have reliable 4×4 Land cruisers and double Cabs for your holiday. We have great deals on long-term rentals, especially for cross-border Safaris. Likewise, we deliver you a desired vehicle at your hotel or the airport because it is part of the service. Based on the number of vacationers you ought to be on this African adventure holiday, we will provide you with that exact vehicle to match your expectations. We have one-way rental options. Pick up from Lusaka and drop off at your desired location. Our rates on one-way rentals are affordable and will always match your budget. Zambia is regarded as the most diverse and unspoiled country in the South African region and Africa at large. Zambia holds more natural water resources than any other country in the region. The myriad of falls dotted across the country, the famous Zambezi River adrift the Victoria Falls one of the seven wonders of the world, the national parks that offer great opportunities for observing Africa’s plains game and predators.

Choose to have one or two double tents on the rooftop.

Safari Destinations

  • Kafue
  • Kasanka
  • Lower Zambezi
  • Mosi oa Tunya
  • North Luangwa
  • South Luangwa

Wherever you choose to take a self-drive tour in Zambia, the warm locals and natural beauty will captivate you, and a true adventure is sure to be found. You can use our Zambia map to find the best location for your hotel in Zambia and ensure your ideal African holiday. And whilst in Zambia you should use your holiday to explore other great African destinations like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Namibia Botswana, Mauritius, and South Africa. When was the last time you spent a whole week outdoors? Exactly, too long ago.

4x4 Budget Car Hire

Safaris in Zambia can be affordable and cheap with a self-drive tour. Rent this Land cruiser for longer term and get a great discount. This is best for 4 persons on self drive.

4x4 Camping Zambia

Go for self-drive safaris and Camping in Zambia. Get your quote including camping and one-way hire picking up from Lusaka and dropping off in Livingstone.

4x4 Zambia Tours

Visit Zambia and take on a self-guided tour. Rent a 4x4 Car from Lusaka, picking up from the airport or at your hotel. Consider a one way rental from Lusaka to Livingstone.

Victoria Falls - Self drive Safaris Zambia

Visit the magnificent Victoria Falls in Livingstone on your Zambia holiday. This natural wonder attracts thousands of visitors from around the world to come and take a glimpse. Pick up your 4x4 car from Lusaka and drive southwest of Zambia, choose to camp on your holiday and a one-way rental.

Victoria Falls in Zambia and Self drive Tours

Go for self-drive safaris and Camping in Zambia. Get your quote including camping and one-way hire picking up from Lusaka and dropping off in Livingstone.

Overlanding Africa - Zambia Safaris

Zambia is one of the treasures of Southern Africa. It is the home of the world’s largest waterfall – Victoria Falls. The stunning lakes and wetlands which you spot on a walking safari. Abundance of birds and wildlife, and a raw, throbbing wilderness.

    Wetlands walking Safaris Zambia
    Tented Lodging - Zambia Self drive Safaris

    Self-guided Holidays in Zambia

    Zambia car rentals and self-drive holidays for Africa tours. Book your 4×4 camper jeep from Lusaka and drive to the southwestern Luangwa National Park and Livingstone. Go camping and save on your holiday budget. We offer one-way rentals at relatively competitive rates. There are a few major rental car companies in Zambia that will provide quality service and vehicles for a variety of car hire needs. Find the vehicles that will fit the situation the best with One Way Rentals. Car Rentals in Zambia for Self-drive Safaris are a magical and absolutely rewarding way to discover Zambia for independent travelers seeking an inspirational journey. Whether you prefer hiring a 4×4 car with camping gear or a car and accommodations, we have great insider travel trips for amazingly self-drive safaris & awesome journeys in Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia. Opt for a self-drive Car Rental in Zambia, travel deep into the jungle and the Victoria Falls one of the world’s 7 Natural wonders, and marvel through the lush but still virgin lands with vibrant wildlife to encounter.