Travel tips while driving in Africa (4x4 Car Rentals)

When you choose to have a self-guided trip in Africa there are several cautions you have to take note of. Most of the roads are poor, especially those that access National Parks. These roads pass through villages and have almost no road signs at all. You should budget your time so that you take caution against the young kids playing on the roadside in these settlements. Such roads tend to be bumpy with many potholes and small rocks all of which can be dangerous to the car tires. You might end up wasting more time fixing the car.

When driving in towns, it’s good to interact with the locals because it gives you an experience of how African villages are set up. But you should avoid them getting near your car because you might lose your valuables. You should park the vehicle where you feel safe. This will help you not lose some parts of the car like lights and mirrors.

Roads with murram or with no tarmac are very dangerous. Limit your speed between 50 to 70 km/hr because you may be risking a rollover. The small stones on the road will easily slide the vehicle away on the road and you will be likely to lose control of the road.

Avoid taking heavy drinks like alcohol when you are about to drive. You may cause an accident and this may cost you some dollars. This is because the insurance will not cover such accidents caused by negligence.

NB; The vehicles we provide are all roadworthy. The difference comes with what kind of driver you are especially on bad roads. We keep the vehicles serviced to 100% before delivering them to our next customer.

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