Victoria Falls - Southern Africa Self-guided Safaris

Victoria Falls is a waterfall on the Zambezi River in the southern parts of Africa. This place provides a habitat for several unique animal species and plants. Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is one of the world’s largest waterfalls, with a width of 1,708 m. There are two islands on the crest of the falls that are large enough to divide the curtain of water even at full flood: Boaruka Island near the western bank, and Livingstone Island near the middle. At less than full flood, additional islets divide the curtain of water into separate parallel streams. The main streams are named, in order from Zimbabwe (west) to Zambia (east): the Devil’s Cataract, the Main Falls, the Rainbow Falls, and the Eastern Cataract.

Victoria-Falls-from Zambia

Victoria Falls - Southern Africa Self-guided Safaris

Adventure through the heart of Southern Africa. Touring Victoria Falls requires more than just a guide – they demand an unrivalled spirit of exploration of this world’s Natural wonder with a thrilling and authentic experience. You can explore this place on a self-guided safari from Lusaka – Zambia. Victoria Falls, – “the smoke that thunders,” stands tall with the mighty water-falls, twice the height of Niagara Falls. It’s overshadowed by other safari destinations like Luangwa National Park, but still, Victoria Falls offers a unique blend of stunning landscapes that will always catch your attention. Africa Self-guided Safaris – If you crave a self-drive tour to explore Zambia on your own, it’s the ultimate African adventure you can’t miss taking on. With Zambia’s vast wilderness as your backdrop, you can chart your path, discover the hidden gems, and connect with Zambia’s vibrant wildlife.

Zambia, the “Real Africa,” offers an authentic and unrelated safari experience in Southern Africa. From the African elephants to elusive big cats, Zambia’s wildlife destinations are a haven of diverse wildlife. Self-drive safaris redefine the concept of adventure with the ultimate freedom to roam through the wildlife Africa holds.

Victoria Falls Tour is a must for any adventurer choosing Zambia. Standing at the edge of the gorge and feel the mist on your face, witnessing the grandeur of nature unravel before your face. Victoria Falls and self-guided safaris within Southern Africa are a match made in heaven for intrepid explorers. Zambia self-drive expeditions are magic and awe – they will transform your perception of adventures in Africa. Pack your sense of curiosity and hit the unforgettable journey that will last for memory.