4×4 Fleet - Car Rentals Self drive in East and Southern Africa

Rent a 4×4 Car of your choice. Depending on how and where you wish to travel, we have all alternatives for you on the car mode and model.  Our cars are always checked and serviced after every trip long or short. We have both automatic 4×4 Cars and manual transmissions. Depending on your driving experience, you should state which transmission you prefer. If you don’t mention we can avail you of either. But most of our 4×4 cars are of automatic gear, simply because they’re very friendly to operate.

4×4 Camping Land Cruiser with Rooftop Tents

The 4×4 with rooftop tents include Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols and 4×4 Double cabs. Tents vary from what the client needs. We have a tent for double occupancy a perfect choice for two travellers. We have family rooftop tents which are a great deal for 5 people. Our vehicles can carry two double tents which fit four people.

4x4 Toyota Rav4 (Budget Car Rentals)

This 4x4 is the best for budget options. Its automatic with full-time 4x4. The engine size id 2000cc meaning it has an economy fuel consumption. This is a better option for Uganda and Rwanda because it can handle the roads in these countries.
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Rav4 Automatic (Rwanda Self drive Tours)

This 4x4 automatic 2008 modol is available for Rwanda self dive Safaris. Book this from our offices in Kigali. Its not an ideal type for off-road drive and if you chose too, you need great caution because it's not meant for that.
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Prado Land Cruiser TX

Book this automatic 4x4 Prado for Self drive and Camping safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya ad Tanzania.

4x4 Toyota Prado 2014

Its available for Rwanda Safaris. Book and rent from Kigali and drive in Rwanda. We offer great deals on longer self drive tours
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