Self-drive Holidays in East Africa

We introduce you to the multi cross country road trips around East Africa on self-drive. Choose to visit Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. These are countries with some of the most interesting wildlife spots to visit. With our car hire services around the region, you can choose a single country two or multiple for your holiday travel. With East Africa, you can have multiple Visa that covers, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Tanzania is on a single visa entry which you can have on arrival.

Self-drive safaris include so many interesting events which include adventure tours like hiking mountains like Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which is also the highest in Africa, Rwenzori in Western Uganda, Bisoke in Rwanda and Virunga in DR Congo. The Virunga Mountain ranges host the Mountain Gorillas which you can add to your wish list. Among others are the Primates that including Golden Monkeys and Chimpanzees. These are common in Uganda and Rwanda.

4x4 One Way Car Rentals

East Africa has got so much to do and see that can’t sum up with your time during a visit. However, you will have to choose priorities depending on time and funds. There are attractions you’ve heard of and during this time you may not like to miss out. Each country in East Africa has its unique attraction differing from another and we give you a highlight. In Tanzania, the Kilimanjaro and Serengeti are the best you must visit. Kenya’s Masai Mara is an extension of Serengeti in the Mara triangle. When you’re interested in adventure Safari Holidays such as  Gorilla trekking tours during your visit to East Africa, we will secure you a Gorilla permit in Uganda’s Bwindi National park, Mgahinga forest or the Virunga National park in Congo. All you need is to choose the dates and place and we will secure it for you.

Get an East African Visa.

Apply for an East African Visa and avoid paying more money on the border crossing. This covers Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. In other countries like Burundi and Tanzania, you will pay for visas on arrival. The visa expires if you move out of these three countries and so you pay again. It can be applied online and it saves time.

Request for COMESA fees

These are fees for the car crossing from one country to another and in this case, Tanzania is exclusive so here you pay normal insurance fees.

Always Plan a day trip.

Because you take on a road trip new every morning, calculate the time you will be driving and avoid driving at night. This is for your own safety and better for your adventure. East Africa is safe but does not make people take advantage of you.

Whenever you think of planning a vacation in East Africa, book your vehicle with us because it will attract a 10% discount off the normal rates. Clients who book at the last minute will have the vehicle but at the same rates as they’re on our website.

We don’t always limit how many people will drive with our self-drive car rental services. We always want to know a single person who has to take care of the vehicle on behalf of the rest. Anyone with a valid driver’s license can drive provided he or she registered with us.”Charges for One-way rental Our charges on one-way rentals will depend on how far the distance will be from where you need us to drop the vehicle or pick it up from in terms of fuel therefore, we have no extras from fuel costs. You can drive through the East African Community with a single rented car from One Way Rental. Because we know you can have multiple visas for East Africa with Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda we avail you options of travelling through with great car rental deals. Crossing the border with the vehicle” When you choose a cross country tour on a self-drive basis, we will provide you with the necessary travel documents which will allow you to present to custom borders so that you proceed Getting roadside assistance” We offer our services in East Africa, so we have a road network that will always assist you in case of break downs. In so you have to share with us a brief itinerary of how your road trip will be.

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