Camping Safaris - 4x4 Jeeps for Self drive Holidays Africa

Camping Jeeps which we provide you tents on top for accommodation is a great way to save on African vacation. Rent a 4×4 Land Cruiser for Kenya and East Africa self-drive tours. These 4×4 can hold two double rooftop tents for camping, a maximum of 4 persons camping. These jeeps come in both automatic and manual transmission, choose depending on which is more friendly to you. When you choose a camping safari with our 4×4 Cars and rooftop tents, we provide you will all the required extras for camping. We give you a list of what we provide so that you know what to bring before the trip begins.

Rent a 4x4 car for Self-drive Tours in Tanzania

At One-way Rentals, we specialize in self-drive safaris, including wildlife tours that are tailor-made through East Africa. We can also assist you on your Self-guided tours in selecting the best 4×4 and required equipment for your holiday. For which a vehicle and the services of a professional wildlife guide can be arranged. Your registered safari guide in case you opted for a driver guide will accompany you to make your experience in Africa holiday a warm and unforgettable one.

    Where to go on a vacation

    There are a couple of attractions in the region you would like to take a glimpse at. This will depend on how long your vacation stay is. Destinations include Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania and parts of the DR. Congo. For all these places, you can hire a car from us at 4×4 Car Rentals and go to any of the above countries. Camping Jeeps save you on the hassle of booking expensive hotels. Because we know customer needs aren’t the same, that’s why we are so flexible during your travel, that you pick a car in either Uganda or Rwanda and you choose where to go.

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