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Searching My Soul, “I have decided to do a solo tour

After the recent fight with my boyfriend, I thought I'd go soul searching by myself. I left him a note and he has tried...

Comfortable Camp Shelter on Your Safari to Uganda

Many tourists on a safari to Uganda prefer having a cheap safari that will allow them to unwind. They want to be capable of...

The Modern-Day African Safari

The African Safari is not what you see in the movies. The modern-day safari is a tour of African wildlife in its natural state....

My Experience on an African Safari

The Cradle of Civilization is also the cradle of beautiful nature. Africa Safaris are a once in a lifetime experience that few people are...

Mikumi National Park – Tanzania Wildlife safaris

Mikumi National Park borders Selous Game Reserve on the south, the two areas forming a unique ecosystem. Two other natural areas bordering the national...

The Best Side of Car Rental Tanzania

Tricky shell roof best tents are generally located on SUVs, although it can be done to work with some types on more compact automobiles...

Top East African Self Drive Safaris Secrets

Ngorongoro conservation area and Serengeti nationwide park are synonymous; it is vitally hard to have a Serengeti countrywide park itinerary devoid of Ngorongoro conservation...

Create Life Long Memories on Africa Safaris

"Quit wasting your time and money on vacations that are all exactly the same. Every island and resort you visit will promise you the...

When Was the Last Time You Thought of Africa Safaris?

"You know, I used to think of Africa safaris only in the context of those old movies that they used to have on the...

The fun part of an African Safari holiday

The African safari we went to was so fun! We mostly saw tons of monkeys and we took lots of pictures with them too....


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