Malawi safaris are one of the most adventurous and exciting things that you can do while you are on vacation. Malawi is also known as the Warm Heart of Africa and so many people travel to this place just to take their great safaris. You will have the option to choose your safari length, typically they range anywhere from about six days all the way up to 21 days. It all depends on what you would prefer and what you are more comfortable with. You can go on bird-watching adventures or you can hunt around and watch all of the different wildlife that is wandering around in their natural habitat. There are nine different parks to choose from and experience as well. Take a look at this website and all of the different safaris and safari packages that they have to offer you. You also need to be aware of what time of year you are planning your trip since not all tours are available at all times.

Homeschooling My Kids, Since my kids are homeschooled, I get to focus on topics that really interest them instead of having a strict curriculum. I believe that this helps them to be more interested in their work. Lately, we have been talking about the different types of animals in Africa, like lions, leopards, and elephants. My older son is supposed to write a paper about his favourite animal, including information in his report about the animal’s habitat and hunting habits. My younger child is drawing pictures of all of the different mammals. I have talked with my husband, Bob, about possible field trips we could go on to help our kids really understand these African animals. He surprised me when he said that he has been researching Malawi safaris and thinks that they would be perfect for a family vacation. My children got so excited by his idea that they could not even sleep last night! I guess we are going to Africa.”

Going on an African Safari, An African Safari can be quite literally the most exciting thing that you ever spend your time doing. There are a ton of different African countries that have a lot of different Safari plans but let me tell you, I had the most fun on the Malawi safaris, and I have become something of an African Safari expert! The Malawi safaris are the ones that have the most wildlife, and I will be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know where Malawi was before I heard about this particular trip. There are a ton of different ways that you can make good use of a good trip, and I would venture a guess and say that the Malawi safaris are one of the most exciting choices that you could possibly make. Safaris are great for people of all ages, and I think that if your child loves wildlife, then this is the best possible choice.”

Next on My List: Malawi Safaris, “I like to make what some people call wish lists. This is stuff I want to buy, see or do at one point or another. I don’t have anything big or outrageous on there — I’m a simple soul. But I have added Malawi safaris to the list after reading about them. That may be a bit less doable at this time than other things, but I have included it anyway because one day I will be there. See, I plan to wander about the African continent at some point in time. Only I am not getting any younger, so I doubt I’ll be doing any really exciting things on my own there. But I also don’t want to just stay in the cities the whole time. So, I thought, why not stay in the cities for a portion of the time I am there, but make various tours and safaris in the different countries also part of the plans?

Go on Malawi Safaris to Be Among Wildlife, “When you decide to go on an African Safari, one of the options that you would have to most certainly look at will be the Malawi Safaris. Although Malawi is a very small African country it boasts one of the richest wildlife collections in the world. The country has about nine national parks which have various different species of wildlife and plant life in it. Going on a Malawi Safari can be considered one of the most interesting things that you may ever do in your lifetime. The various different types of wildlife that you may come across include forests, falls and landscapes that are of the rarest to be seen on earth. It is quite certain that it will be a treat for your eyes. You can choose to go there with your family and get one of the packages that they have to offer to enjoy the best of Malawi.”