Malawi Safaris for Your Next Vacation. Considering going on a Safari for your next trip might lead you to typical places like Africa but have you ever considered a Malawi safari? A safari is a great vacation no matter the destination but Malawi is a great place to get an escape from even the typical safari. You will see and do things here that most people can’t even imagine. Yet, they are safe and fun and you won’t have another experience like it. Before you go on your safari make sure to plan accordingly. Visit your doctor and make sure you are prepared for it health-wise. You may be required or he or she may suggest that you get a vaccine or two to make sure that you don’t become ill on your trip. Remember to pack a camera that has a long battery life so that you can take pictures of everything you see to show your family back home your great adventure.

Warm Heart of Africa & quot; Just the thought of safaris brings up images of hot, endless plains, and animals like lions, wildebeests, and giraffes. No doubt the actual experience on one of the Malawi safaris would far outpace the imagination, though. Malawi is a small country in Africa, affectionately known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” because of its friendly people and safe venues. The many areas there, unspoiled by human habitation, allow for the free-roaming of many wild animals, and beautiful vegetation. When you are thinking of destinations for your next vacation, it would be a shame to miss visiting the continent where scientists say human life began. The natural wonders alone draw people from all over the world, yearly. There are few other places on earth where you can walk in the footsteps of giant elephants, fall asleep to the roar of a lion, or recreate that famous image of the sun setting over the plains. Malawi safaris are one safe, but exciting, way to enjoy it all.

Spectacular and Friendly, Malawi is a Premium African Safari Destination Malawi safaris are among the most popular choices for an adventure-filled trip in any location in Africa because of the unique, safe and friendly environment of this stunningly beautiful country, which is called the warm heart of Africa. A venue of nearly unlimited choices, one of the most popular Malawi safaris options is Lake Malawi, Africa’s third-largest lake, which is truly a biological wonder of the world. This lake is so huge it is often described as an inland sea. It supports a dazzling array of marine life and dozens of fabulous beaches lined with palms and fine sand. If a safari can be said to involve terrific scuba diving, fishing and water recreation, this is a can’t-miss option. Another popular choice for a Malawi safari is a trek to Kasungu National Park. This site is ideal for viewing African wildlife in the Miombo woodlands. Excellent place to view elephants. Yet another exciting Malawi safari might be taken to the Zomba Plateau. This is a region of evergreen forests and grasslands, rich in wildlife. The Zomba Plateau rises 900 feet above the city of Zomba, a place of traditional marketplaces and incredible botanical gardens. Other terrific locations in Malawi include Nyika National Park, Liwonde National Park, Lengwe National Park, Mount Mulanje and the Viphya Plateau. The most difficult aspect of planning a safari to Malawi is making your choice of wonders.

So my wife and I are once again making plans to travel somewhere warm during the winter season. We’ve been going to all-inclusive resorts for quite a few years now, and we both think it may be time for a change. Just a few days ago, she mentioned how we should go on an African safari like we had talked about years ago. Although at the time I thought we would never actually do it, now it looks like it’s actually going to happen! I’ve recently read about Malawi safaris, and I’m pretty sure that’s where we are going. There are many different tour packages that we can choose from. One of them is twenty-one days! I think we’ll start off with a shorter tour though. There’s one that is 6 days and I’m confident that it will be plenty of time to see some amazing landscapes and wildlife. If we end up loving it so much that we wish we had longer, well I guess there’s always next year.

Why Choose Malawi Safaris;

If you are new to Safari adventures or have gone on several safaris and just want to try something new you can’t go wrong with one of the many Malawi safaris that are available. Malawi actually has nine national wildlife parks and features tours that have all the biggest animals such as lions, leopards and buffalo. If you are really into adventure vacations you might want to try the six-day mountain hiking tour. This covers all kinds of areas from Fort Lister to Chisepho Hut. If you are really adventuresome you might like to combine your safari with a trip to one of the urban areas like Blantyre. What’s especially interesting about Malawi is that it boasts strictly a dry and a wet season with distinctly different attractions depending on the time of year you choose to travel. So if you have never been to Malawi this is the perfect time to start an adventure of a lifetime.

Welcome to the Cradle of Civilization,

South Africa is a land of many wonders. It features an enchanting mix of exotic wildlife, spellbinding scenic beauty and unique cultural heritage. This combined with the fact that two of the world’s best national parks are situated here has made South Africa a highly attractive travel destination. The sight of a mighty lion roaming free in the wild is a sight very few people ever get to see. However, South Africa Safaris offers special game viewing tours that have been designed to ensure you spot one. The game reserves in South Africa feature extremely diverse animal populations. It is not uncommon to see elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes and rhinos in the same geographic location. South Africa Self-drive Safaris has a presence all over South Africa. They offer an end-to-end service that provides information on South Africa, travel advice, travel routes, safety tips and much more. What’s more, they offer tailor-made safaris to the more discerning visitors. What this means is that if you are a recreational bird watcher or trekking enthusiast, then you have a totally custom-made safari experience.

An Amazing Experience We were on holiday visiting friends in Johannesburg a few years ago and when we were looking up different things we wanted to do while we were there we thought that South Africa Safaris sounded like a great thing to do. We arranged it when we got there and we’re very excited about it. The actual safari was fantastic. The guides were very well-informed and we were lucky with the weather and our timing. It’s not guaranteed that you will get to see many animals on the safari, although usually, they know where to take you, we seemed to hit it lucky with every type of animal. We got to see elephants and lions and loads of other animals roaming around in their natural habitat, far more interesting than looking at them in a zoo enclosure. We took some incredible photographs and have great memories of our fantastic travel experience.

Just imagine what it would feel like to be able to tell your friends and family that you are going on a safari. You are going to go to an exotic land and see unique plants, animals, and cultures. You will get to see insects that most people have only seen in picture books, you will get to travel in areas that most people never go to, and you will get to see things that most people will never see. It can be your reality. South Africa Safaris are much more affordable than most people realize. You get to see the exotic South African lions and elephants in their natural habitat. Seeing monkeys and gorillas in their own habitat, living their lives the way they are meant to be lived. There are so many amazing things to see that you will remember for a lifetime. A safari lets you get away and get to live an adventure that previously would only be seen in picture books. Live life to its fullest and go on safari.


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